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Cultural Identity Essay

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A cultural identity essay may turn out to be either the easiest task you've ever got assigned to write or a real torture. It all depends on the topic you choose and the techniques you use in writing this kind of academic paper. Some students google for "my cultural identity essay example" trying to use someone else's experience. However, there are no 100%-suitable cultural identity essay examples for you on the Web because each person has a unique background. Don't you worry! Here is a guide to help you to come up with excellent cultural identity essay topics on your own.

What a Cultural Identity Essay Is

Before you start writing or even picking a topic, you have to get a clear understanding what a this type of essay is and how it differs from other essays. This type of writing reveals your personality regarding your cultural background. No matter what aspects of your culture you've decided to depict, you should always write about how they have influenced your life views, behavior, beliefs, etc. So, one can state that this essay has a lot in common with a reflective one. Many students ask: "Do I always have to write a cultural identity essay about myself?" The answer is yes unless anything else is specified. In some cases, you may be asked to write an essay about the cultural identity of some other person or a fictional character.

How to Pick the Subject

The subject under your consideration is your cultural identity. However, you should narrow it down to write a successful essay. You may touch upon the themes of nationality, customs and beliefs, the environment you were raised in, the environment your parents were raised in as long as it concerns you, the historical background of your country, etc. If you've moved to another country, you may describe the differences between the aspects listed above and what you see here. On the other hand, you can search for parallels between your culture and the culture of the country where you live.

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Choosing Cultural Identity Essay Topics

After you have selected the main subject of your essay, it is time to invent a perfect topic. Mind that there are several rules you are to follow while making your choice.

Rule #1 Consider Who You Are Going to Write About

As mentioned above there can be three main types of "protagonists" in this type of essay: you, another person who is usually well-known, or a fictional character. This is the first criterion for choosing your topic: ABOUT WHOM you are going to write. If it is about yourself, try to describe the unique experience you've got. If you work with a piece of literature, for example, try to reveal the character's traits rooted in his or her cultural identity.

Rule #2 Connect Your Topic to the Subject You've Chosen

Then, consider the subject you have chosen. The topic should demonstrate the strong connection between the person you are writing about and your subject.

Rule #3 Sparkle the Interest

Many students are wondering "If I write this essay about myself, will anybody read it?" If you think that nobody will read your personal essay attentively because it is boring, you can't be more wrong. Your teacher will read it anyway because this is the job to be done. However, it doesn't mean that you can relax. What makes your topic interesting to your readers is whether you give them an opportunity to associate with your experience or not. No matter whether you and your readers belong to the same culture or to different ones, you can fascinate them with your descriptions, awaken the feelings everybody has when they think of their home, and make your narrative really catchy. All this should find reflection in the topic you choose.

Rule #4 Make It Laconic

We have already discussed that cultural identity essay topics should reflect the content to grab the reader's attention. It is even more difficult given that the topic should be as short as possible. In the majority of cases, a topic includes a single sentence. But if you think it is impossible to say it in one sentence, your topic might have two. It is vital to remember the structure of such topic and titles, although you are better to work on the final title version when the body of work is ready. Use semicolon for a two-sentence topic. The second part can be either declarative or interrogative.

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The Best Cultural Identity Essay Topics

Here are some cultural identity essay ideas you can develop into great topics using our tips above:

Cultural Identity Essay Ideas About Other People:

If you have to write an essay on the cultural identity of someone else, there are different perspectives for you to reveal your topic. First of all, you can write about cultural identity in general. This can make a good definition or a cause and effect essay. The topic, in this case, may be as follows:

How Cultural Identity Influences Our Everyday Life

Cultural identity can also be a lens through which your observe some other subject. For example:

The Cultural Identity Factor in Creating Commercials

Finally, you can write a various range of essays (from a narrative to an expository one) about a particular person in whom you are interested. If this person came from another country, you can use the following idea:

The Reflection of a Famous Immigrant's (of your choice) Cultural Identity in His/Her Work

Cultural Identity Essay Examples About Literature

Many students turn to custom writing services stating: "I know how to write a cultural identity essay, but I have no clue how to find the signs of cultural identity in literature!" Indeed, some authors show the cultural identity of their characters quite clearly while others don't. The following topic, for example, is not the hardest one to cover, although it will take you plenty of time to read the whole series of primary sources:

How Does Agatha Christie Reveal the Protagonist's Cultural Identity in Poirot Book Series?

There are also topics that will demand a deeper research, such as:

  • The Theme of Cultural Identity in Shakespeare's Hamlet
  • The Issue of Cultural Identity in the Work of American Frontier Literature (of your choice)

Topic Examples for a Personal Cultural Identity Essay

Although personal topics seem to be the easiest to reveal, they often give students tough time. There are so many aspects you are to cover in a single paper. They include your life, your culture, its particular elements, stories about people you know and places you've been to, how it may be connected to the audience, the conclusions you've made about your cultural identity and because of it, etc. One may state that if you know how to write this type of essay, you will tackle any other type of personal essays with ease.

One of the most common cultural identity essay examples is My Family's Story. Mind that it is not enough to tell where your mom and your dad come from. You will have to show the interrelations between different cultures (if any) in your family, how it influenced you as a child, and what can you say about your cultural identity basing on your background. It is also beneficial to focus on a family member who has influenced your sense of cultural identity the most (with the most pronounced emphasis on the influence, not the person.) Usually, it is one of your parents or grandparents. Among other excellent topic examples for an essay on cultural identity, there are:

  • Customs and Traditions in the Country I Come From
  • An Important Event of My Childhood that Influenced My Personality
  • We Are What We Eat: Our Traditional Cuisine
  • The Places I Will Never Forget


If you are looking for cultural identity essay examples worth reading on the Internet, note that the papers you will find can serve as the inspiration but in no way as a basis for your own work. The difficulties students face writing both personal cultural identity essay and those others start right with the choice of the topic. No successful writer in the world truly thinks: "People will be interested in my work because I think it is exciting." On the contrary, they work hard to adapt their stories (even the personal ones) to get the reader's response. For the same reason, a student claiming "My cultural identity essay will be interesting to read!" but not paying too much attention to the topic, the way of presenting information, and the structure will never succeed. The smart tips in this article will help you tackle the most challenging task - choosing a perfect topic for your essay that will make the audience read your work to the end.

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