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Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

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Even when assigned with easy persuasive speech topics, a lot of high school and college students lose their heads. After all, most of them have never worked with such assignments before, which is why the job ahead of them seems intimidating.

The good news is that a speech is not that different from a research paper or a rhetoric essay - and you have probably drafted a lot of them before. The bad news is that you cannot just take any subject that pops into your head and expect to receive a high grade. The thing is, easy persuasive speech topics for high school students are very different from easy persuasive speech topics for college students - and you should definitely take your academic level into consideration.

So, the first thing you need to do before writing a speech is to define a suitable subject. Find some examples of easy persuasive speech topics below:

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Easy persuasive speech topics for high school students

  • The history of abortion
  • Contraceptives and their role in society's history
  • Discrimination at school and its impact on the students
  • The impact of bilingualism on school progress
  • Who should be held liable for students' progress - parents or school?
  • The Internet and its control measures: how justifiable they are?
  • Should education be free?
  • Marijuana legalization: pros and cons
  • How justifiable are vaccines?
  • The impact of dieting on weight loss: does it bring more harm than good?
  • The latest facts about anorexia
  • Latest stats about obesity and its reasons
  • Should mandatory physical training be a part of school education?
  • Sleep disorders: causes and effects
  • Can parents impose a vegetarian lifestyle on their under-age children?
  • The role of religion in society
  • How does technology affect our daily communication?
  • Equality: what is it and can it be achieved?
  • The hazards of alcoholism
  • Should the drinking age be changed in the US?
  • Should the government legalize drugs?
  • Can distance education be considered effective?
  • How far is social media affecting our lives?
  • Spam abuse: its effect on our communication
  • Cyber theft: should we introduce stricter laws?
  • How is plastic surgery affecting our self-esteem?
  • Eating disorders and their psychological causes
  • How far should social workers go in controlling domestic violence?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
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Easy persuasive speech topics for college students

  • Can poverty be eliminated from our society?
  • Can terrorism be considered a psychological disorder?
  • Should government violate privacy for security reasons?
  • How justifiable are social taxes?
  • Illegal immigrants policy: should the rules be updated?
  • Gambling addiction: should it be cured mandatory?
  • Should homosexuals be allowed to adopt children?
  • Should homosexual marriage be legalized?
  • Church perspective on homosexual relations
  • Gun control: should the weapons be prohibited?
  • Climate change: how far are we affecting it?
  • The history of Holocaust and its effects
  • WWII: why it could not be avoided
  • The real reasons behind American Civil War
  • How is international weapon trade affecting global conflicts?
  • The concept of God across multiple religions
  • Should troubled teenagers go through mandatory therapy?
  • Capital punishment: the pros and cons
  • Freud's theories and their modern counterparts
  • Personality as defined by multiple psychologists
  • Should neurolinguistic programming be considered an actual science?
  • The theory of the world as a simulation: are we stepping into a new religion?

How to write a perfect speech?

Now that you have plenty of examples of easy persuasive speech topics, it's time to pick one and start drafting your speech. All in all, the process is no different from writing an essay - you choose a subject you feel strongly about, research it, come up with a powerful thesis and find enough supportive evidence to prove your point of view.

Still, when it comes to practice, not every student can come up with a perfect speech in just a couple of days. So, the sooner you get on with the job, the better. If you are already running out of time, it might be a good idea to google "write my essay" services. Yes, technically, such custom writing services specialize in a different kind of field, but since they employ highly professional writers, the staff will gladly help with practically any kind of writing job.

Another great idea would be to contact proofread my paper companies. Even if you have drafted the speech all on your own (Kudos, by the way!), you might want a professional proofreader to take a look at your paper. Trust us, if it's the first speech you're working on, some professional assistance will not hurt. A qualified proofreader can help you spot out some logical flaws in your work and polish your speech up to a perfection. For the highly reasonable fee most of these companies are charging, this shot is well worth the effort.

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