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Global warming is still one of the most broadly talked about themes today. There is no escape from this topic - they write about it in journals and newspapers, the politicians like to talk about it, even many celebrities feel like it's their duty to say something about it. Some have already decided which of the opposite sides they pick in this discussion. Others are not so sure, and they prefer to inquire and to dig into whether or not the climate change does indeed progress, whether or not it can be harmful to our planet and humanity, or is it fake news altogether aimed at occupying our minds to distract us from the problems that do matter. In any case, the debate is far from being concluded. This is why, it is only to be expected various writing assignments, like global warming essay writing, are ever present in the curriculum.

With all that in mind, writing a compelling global warming and climate change essay can be somewhat difficult. We ask ourselves - How am I supposed to write my essay on global warming and make it both inspiring and enlightening? Questions like these might keep going through your mind without end, until the point when you have to submit your essay (but haven't written anything). You should calm yourself down and remember that these complications arise for any subject, they are not limited to global warming essay.

What Kind Of Global Warming Essay Are You Writing?

Just like most other college assignments, an essay on global warming is not about presenting 100% new information. Quite the contrary, there are several most popular kinds of global warming essay with different goals, approaches, and requirements. Here they are:

  • Argumentative Essay. An argumentative essay can be defined as the one where you pick a side in an ongoing debate on a particular theme. When it comes to an argumentative essay on global warming, there are two most likely possibilities. You may have to produce evidence that the climate change does not pose any threat worth talking about and that all the fuss about it is pointless. Or, you will have to prove that the global warming is happening and presents a problem that we need to deal with.
  • Expository Essay. An expository essay about global warming is a different deal. Its definition suggests that the author remains objective and doesn't pick any sides. Instead, the author merely exposes a theme, giving a general overview. When you have an expository essay about global warming to write, it is most probable that you should just introduce some dry climate change facts. Other climate change-related themes to expose in an essay would revolve around what is this debate like today – what are the most widely talked about arguments on both sides, which side seems to get more attention from the press, with which side does the general public tends to agree more. etc.
  • Problem and Solution Essay. What makes this kind of essay on global warming stand out among other kinds is that you unmistakably realize what is expected of you. Either you utilize climate change facts to reveal these changes as a problem that needs to be addressed and suggest how exactly we address it (raise awareness on the topic, increase the use of environment-friendly technologies, and so forth); or, you claim that people obsessing too much with global warming is a problem and that this climate change deserves way less attention than we give it. If this is what you are writing about, then the solution to your problem is, perhaps, to inform people of the real climate change facts and on how they speak against the mass hysteria surrounding global warming.
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How To Conduct A Research On Your Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

No matter which kind of global warming and climate change essay you are to submit, you must be extra cautious about the sources that you choose to reference. It is never a good idea to pick sources for your academic paper randomly, without putting any effort into the selection process, but when you write about climate change, it is entirely unacceptable. We have already discussed how popular global warming is a topic for debate in the media, even in those with less credibility and more scandal value to them. Those who are more or less familiar with this subject know that there are tons of new discoveries being made all the time and that the conclusions that they lead to are often polar-opposite. Sometimes, the opponents even get too emotional and call each other names. This is the reason why a global warming essay demands 100% reliable and actual sources of data.

Just like with any other things anyone has ever done - it may seem complicated only when you lack experience and have a very vague idea of what exactly you should do. In reality, telling a trustworthy source from the one that you shouldn't use in your research is not all that complicated.

Many students tend to begin their research with Wikipedia, so let us look at it critically and see what we can get out of it. Your professors have most likely advised you against using Wikipedia for research or at least again referring to it in your bibliography. This is because of the way Wikipedia is organized. It is no secret that any user can create and edit Wikipedia articles, so the system does not ensure or guarantee unbiased information. This is why Wikipedia cannot be considered a reliable source itself. However, the reference sections of Wikipedia articles are always an excellent place to look for references for your own essay.

This is an example of a method to look for sources. But regardless of where you find a potential source for your climate change research, you should evaluate them by the following two criteria before you even begin to read them:

  • Publication Date. This is the first thing you have to draw your attention to whenever you begin to consider using any given source. The studies of the global warming phenomenon go on, and new discoveries are being made all the time. Sometimes, they negate what was known before or cause a shift in the general perception of the issue. By referring to an outdated source you risk revealing yourself as a misinformed author, and this is an unacceptable risk. To avoid it, you need to make sure that the references in your bibliography are recent (unless you are putting together a global warming essay about how a particular issue has been developing).
  • Trustworthiness. This is also not a tough one. A source can be deemed trustworthy, for example, if it comes from a non-commercial organization that collects and analyzes statistical data on the ongoing climate change. Some media that enjoy a considerable reputation (and thus cannot publish unchecked information) can also be deemed a trustworthy source. With that in mind, here are examples of sources that you are better off without:
  • Commercial Websites. In other words, the websites aimed at encouraging people to buy particular products or services. More often than not, they place themselves in .com domain zone. Truly, one may find some of their content not only inspiring but also credible. However, putting out such content is not the goal that they stick to at all times. This is why you should always take it with a healthy dose of criticism - or, better, just avoid in your research.
  • Blogs. The introduction of blogs gave lots of people the opportunity to broadcasts their opinions and views to a wide audience. And this is exactly what blogs are there for. They cannot be considered an objective source of information by default. You can only use them if you are writing a climate change essay about the variety of opinions on the topic.

Some Tip On Sources For Your Global Warming Essay

We realize that the criteria that we have given will exclude almost every website on the Internet. Here, you may be asking a legit question - With all these restrictions, how should I write my essay with trustworthy works cited?

Well, we have mentioned that credible information can come from sources that apply effort to remain credible - namely, the reputable media (both specialized and non-specialized), like National Geographic, Nature, Science Daily, BBC, Huffington Post, The Economist, The Telegraph, Washington Post, etc.

Besides, no climate change essay will be worth anybody's attention without relying on some objective statistical and analytical data from undoubtedly unbiased sources. When we think about where to find such information, two organizations that conduct monitoring and analysis of climate changes come up – NASA and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

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