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Impromptu Speech Topics

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Giving short and spontaneous speeches in the classroom can be stressful especially if you do not have experience in this area. However, students often get this task since teachers want to show and train them how to present their ideas clearly and within the shortest terms.

Giving speeches with no prior experience or practice can be quite scary especially if you have stage fright. And there is no better way to prevent all sorts of anxiety than by preparing the topics and polishing your skills in advance.

That is why we have decided to introduce you to a list of impromptu speech topics to talk about in front of the classroom after practicing at home.

However, before you give you the list of good impromptu speech topics, we want to explain to you what a good speech consists of and how to deliver it successfully.

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What a good speech consists of?

To achieve the desired effect with your speech, you need to have correct structure in it.

  1. Catchy introduction.
  2. You have to grab your audience's attention from the start. So, begin with something interesting, exciting, or controversial. Your audience should sit up and listen to what you want to share with them either because you apparently have a solution to their problem, or because they disagree with your but want to hear you out before confronting your position. Consider picking intriguing introduction for the general success of your future speech.
  3. Statement.
  4. Every good speech starts with a strong thesis statement. It explains what your whole speech will center around. The statement is essential, as in the speech itself you will go on to prove your point with relevant and evidence-based arguments.
  5. Keep the thesis short and informative but leave room for intrigue: do not mention what arguments you have at your disposal to support your point.
  6. Arguments.
  7. The speech itself will focus on the support for the statement. Find relevant evidence to support your arguments and say at least a few thoughts on each of them. However, remember to keep an eye on the watch, as most of such impromptu speech have to be short. Your teacher might even give you exactly 2 minutes for your speech. And it is in your best interest to deliver the whole message at this time. So, be brief in your explanations.
  8. Powerful conclusion.
  9. In the end, repeat the thesis statement and briefly remind the audience what arguments you used to support your point. A lot of students include a call to action in the end. But it is not always applicable. So, only add it if your subject allows you to.

Now that you understand what a good speech, impromptu or not, consists of, you can take a look at our list of subject ideas. Choose the view that best fits your age, interests, and goals. And consider taking your audience's interests, beliefs, and expectations into account. These two things combined can make your speech top-notch.

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Funny impromptu speech topics

  1. My three least favorite chores.
  2. If our pets ruled the world.
  3. What would you choose if you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life?
  4. If I could travel in time, I would go to…
  5. My three least favorite sounds.
  6. Four things I like to do for fun.
  7. If my cell phone could talk, it would tell me to…
  8. If I could have one superpower, I would choose…
  9. The best red thing is…
  10. One thing I learned never to do again in my life.
  11. What it is like to walk in my shoes.
  12. If I could be a President of any country, I would choose…
  13. The tastiest cookie I have ever eaten.
  14. Two grossest foods I have ever tried.
  15. What if plants really do have feelings.
  16. The best flavor of ice-cream.
  17. The best type of peanut butter.
  18. My favorite Halloween costume.
  19. How I would survive the Zombie Apocalypse.
  20. Why is Snapchat a good thing (or how to explain it to your parents)?

Impromptu speech topics for high school

  1. How to use social media for good.
  2. The best thing my parents ever taught me.
  3. Four keys to a happy life.
  4. Which is better - Facebook or Snapchat?
  5. My biggest fear about going to college is…
  6. The best songs ever written are…
  7. Three movies that changed my life.
  8. If I had to live for a year on a deserted island with only three things, what would they be?
  9. Three most essential inventions ever.
  10. If I could develop an app, it would be…
  11. How to become rich before you turn 30.
  12. Three things I am thankful for to my family.
  13. The most ridiculous etiquette rule ever.
  14. Why I believe that professional athletes are overpaid.
  15. How self-discipline makes us better people.
  16. One message to my children.
  17. Are exams good or bad?
  18. Do good grades really matter?
  19. Do we really need technology today?
  20. Top three favorite books.

Topics for an impromptu speech

  1. One person, I would like to have dinner with.
  2. What I fear the most.
  3. Your favorite childhood memory.
  4. My dream job.
  5. What is a good school lunch?
  6. How to stay healthy as a student and why it matters.
  7. How traveling makes us open-minded personalities.
  8. The best way to learn things is…
  9. How advertising changes our way of thinking.
  10. The good, the bad, and the ugly of video games.
  11. My favorite cartoon character.
  12. My first purchase in life is…
  13. How to conquer depression and anxiety.
  14. If I could only listen to one song my whole life…
  15. Things that help us become grownups.
  16. Pros and cons of speed dating.
  17. Would you rather be beautiful or smart?
  18. Should children be allowed to watch television?
  19. The power of the Internet over our mind.
  20. Why everyone needs a big brother.

Common impromptu speech topics

  1. Why students should be paid for good grades.
  2. How part-time jobs shape our personalities.
  3. The best summer break destinations.
  4. How to make the most out of your high school years.
  5. Should girls serve in the army too?
  6. What I would do if I knew I would not fail.
  7. Why reading is better than watching movies.
  8. Things to do before you finish school.
  9. Why homework is bad.
  10. How to create a plan for a trip to remember.
  11. Can lying under any circumstance be considered good?
  12. Who is my hero and why?
  13. Four facts about me you did not know.
  14. Why public speaking is a good idea.
  15. How being young is overrated?
  16. If I had a million dollars and I could not keep them for myself.
  17. Why parents are the best people ever.
  18. How choosing a spouse is the most critical decision in your life.
  19. Working from home or at the office - which is better?
  20. Two of my biggest fears.

With our tips above and these eighty ideas on impromptu speech ideas, you can create a good speech in no time. Our last advice would be to try to prepare spontaneous speeches every now and then because practice makes perfect.

To be able to give high-quality impromptu addresses, you need to learn how to develop speeches ahead of time.

So, dedicate some time to learning, polish your skills, and enjoy the growing professionalism over time. Remember that there is no such thing as over preparedness. So, start practicing today!


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