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How To Make An Essay Longer

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Want to know all the secrets of a successful long paper and what you should definitely avoid writing in it? We put up together a list of all the dos and don'ts when thinking about how to extend an essay.

There are details that, when added, will give value to your paper and other ones that will definitely ruin it. Here is how to add words to an essay, the proper way:


Plan it Ahead

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If you want to end up with an appropriate long paper, you need to think this process in steps. Create your battle plan as soon as possible, then split your time according to your chapters and subtitles. No matter if it's a 500 words paper or 50 pages one, you'll thank yourself for this, and you'll never end up asking yourself how to make a paper longer the night before.


The secret to a successful essay is a thorough research. Look up some info about the main ideas, find content about a subject that would make a difference, not just to fill in the space. Another idea on how to make an essay longer is to take a look at similar papers and see other ideas. Stick only with the ones that feel pertinent to you.


Find relevant examples. You can even look for scientific proof or documents that confirm your debated notions for more credibility.

  • Add some examples from your personal experience. This is how to make your essay longer and add some value to your paper, plus credibility. Everybody likes real stories, and it's a great way to learn from. You'll definitely earn points for adding it.


A great way on how to make an essay longer word count is the quoting. Insert quotes that sustain your ideas, rather than search for ones that contain your keywords. Choose the quote of a known person in the domain of your subject, rather than one of a person who was known to cover other areas.

Take breaks

If you start feeling stuck and no matter how hard you try to find new ideas on how to make an essay longer, you should stop thinking about the whole thing for a while. Make a cup of tea, or even go for a walk to get some fresh air, then you'll come to your desk totally recharged. You just need to stop overthinking and then you'll rewire yourself and see everything with new eyes. Like restarting the computer after keeping it on for a week.

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"Keep it Real" Meaning relevant. If you just add words to reach the word count, it will stand out as exaggerated and heavy to read. Not good for your C.V. or grades.

There are two main ways of blabbing or adding words without a certain purpose.

  • The Fluff

In real life, the fluff makes any animal cuter, not in writing though. Basically, it means exactly what anyone does without a plan with good ideas: adding words without any importance or meaning just to fill in the space. This is definitely a bad way on how to make an essay longer. You're doing it when you're affirming something obvious, when you are repeating yourself or when you create complex sentences that are too hard to understand.

  • The Purple Prose

This is another way of annoying your readers. The purple prose is a sentence overwhelmed with adjectives, descriptions, and details. This is a big NO on how to add words to an essay. It sounds too heavy and makes the whole content seem irrelevant. Writers use elegant phrases to express an emotion, but when you do it just to find a way on how to make an essay longer word count, it will be really visible and you won't create any feeling. Any good one at least.

Example "The subject of this elaborate paper tries to show that an essay of a considerable length should contain ideas that are terse and concentrate on demonstrating their point rather than repeating them in different expressions." is an unnecessary heavy form for "This paper's subject shows that you should focus on demonstrating your ideas and not repeating them."

Don't oversize the fonts

Just don't. Every primary school student has tried it, and maybe the teacher even pretended to not notice the trick, but it should end somewhere after second grade. When thinking how to make a paper longer, if you need to write a number of pages and not words it's really a bad idea if you:

  1. Make the fonts larger;
  2. Increase the page margins;
  3. Add extra spaces between paragraphs or weirdly far placed quotations, etc.

It's obvious. If you think that's how to extend an essay, expect a bad grade, or maybe the teacher won't even receive it; or worse, if it's for work, you'll appear as an untrustworthy person. It won't do any good, just use the tools in the upper part of the article for great results.

Extra Tricks to Lengthen Your Paper

If you're required to use a formal writing, spell out numbers which are less than ten. A great way on how to lengthen an essay and make it look more professional, too. Example: In PART ONE we demonstrate...

Another small trick is to write down contractions. Instead of "can't" use the "cannot" form, instead of "it's" the "it is" format.

Use descriptions to create emotions. If you're not careful you'll end up with purple prose, but here's the secret on how to make essay longer the right way: describe emotions. Instead of writing "Mary watched the sunrise" extend it to "Mary was overwhelmed with joy as she watched the sunrise that covered the sky in infinite colors." It creates feelings and isn't hard to read like it would be if you use three phrases to describe a door for example.

Another approach on how to write a long paper consists in spelling out abbreviations; use "United Kingdom" instead of simply "UK."

Use the characters' names or the person you quoted instead of pronouns. Use "Mark Twain" for example more often than "he" or "him," this will help the reader concentrate on the action and not detract him from your topic. It's also a great way on how to slightly make an essay longer.

One more way how to write a long paper is placing extensive synonyms instead of shorter ones.

Another trick you'll love is adding a header with the title of your paper on every single page. This is a sure way to create a professional aspect and add another tip on your "how to write long essays" list.

Put yourself the big questions: Where, how, when are the essential questions that will lead you to find out how to make an essay longer without having to add useless information.


  • Firstly, do some research on your topic. Google is a source of infinite possibilities, where you can find literally anything and everything. Well, maybe not everything, as you wouldn't be here searching ways on how to make an essay longer, wouldn't you?
  • Another research tool is the old school way. Go to the library, and you'll find books on the subject you need. Simple as that.


  • If you just laughed out loud at the library idea, we're sharing a secret that will take less time (Google again): similar keywords on your topic.
  • Simply take your theme's keywords and search for synonyms or phrases that mean the same or the approximate same thing.


Let's say for example you need to find out how to make essay longer with a plain subject like "How to change a light bulb." Funny, right? But now think of how you can make a 500 words or 5 pages essay on this topic.

So you'll start by searching keywords like "how to change a light bulb," "light bulb" and a few others and you'll soon realize you're out of ideas and can't figure out how to make your essay longer. Don't worry, you can create an impressive and useful paper with this title just by thinking of subjects that are in its area, for example, you can search about:

  1. How many types of light bulbs you can find on the market, which ones are the best, the cheapest, light bulbs that last longer, what kind of light do they emanate and so on, ending with the ones you recommend to add your personal touch into it;
  2. Though nobody would think of this and it's used in jokes, you can write about "when to call an electrician to change it" (because c'mon, anyone can do this). But you can take the subject and transform it into great content. Just search when it's risky to change it yourself, after floods, or if the wires can have contact with water, etc.
  3. Particular cases (risky or less known ones) is another great tool on how to lengthen an essay.

End the idea of the importance of not doing it yourself in these cases and how life-saving is this piece of information. Congrats, you got yourself with a meaningful paper on "how to change a light bulb."

Cool how easy you can create significant content on apparently simple subjects, huh?


As soon as possible, of course. But if you like to procrastinate, like the majority of people, you'll thank yourself if you planned it ahead.

  • If it's a shorter 1-5 pages paper, simply think of the bullets, do the research and save the useful links in the same place, so it would be easy to put all ideas together after.
  • But if you have a 50 pages paper, for example, you'll do the same but on a larger scale. As soon you receive the homework, go to your laptop and write the main ideas:
    1. Split the subject into chapters;
    2. Write the main ideas and subtitles in each;
    3. Search quotes and examples.

If you do this the same day, the subjects discussed in class will be fresh, you'll be able to write them down and even come up with ideas of your own. A 10-15 minutes task which will save you from getting into a dead point without ideas on the night before.

This is how you'll avoid waking up out of ideas on how to make an essay longer in the week before and avoid all the unnecessary panicking.

Now that everything's clear, you can start planning your paper ahead and find the most relevant examples, quotes and sustain them through your own experience. This is the best way on how to write long essays with only meaningful ideas, and you'll never worry that you haven't reached your page count.

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