How To Make A Resume On Word

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Everyone has sooner or later faced the question of how to make a resume on Word. Without any doubts, we are happy to inform you that everything is easier than it may seem at first glance. And after our brief guide on how to make a resume word, you will learn how to make a resume on Word 2007, how to make resume on Word 2010 or how to make a resume on word 2013, as the mechanism is nearly the same everywhere.

Stage 1

To begin with, you need to open MS Word and find the File tab. When you see the drop-down menu, choose New tab.


Stage 2

You will see the available templates. Under Templates, choose Resume and CVs.


Stage 3

Among the templates on offer, you are free to select the Job-specific resumes, Basic resumes or Situation-specific resumes. Let's take the first folder as an example to understand how to make a resume on word.

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Stage 4

In the nested folder, you are to choose the template that corresponds to the position you want to get.


Stage 5

A pre-populated sample will be opened. You need to change the information that the template contains to your own. To do this, just highlight the text that you intend to change and fill in your own information. Do the same with the remaining info that should be changed.


Here are the main secrets on how to make a resume on Microsoft word and we are sure that if you follow our easy tips the questions ‘How to edit my paper?’ or ‘How to make a resume on word?’ will not bother you anymore.

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