Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Warranty

If, due to whatever reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of the paper delivered to you, you can always make use of our refund policy. The money back warranty applies to any customer who has made a payment. Note, however, the refund can only be issued to the original payment source. Find out more about our refund types and general policies below.

100% refund when:

  • there was a payment mistake (i.e., your card was charged twice, the same order was placed twice). Please, report this mistake as soon as you notice, and we will refund the full payment if the writer has not yet started working on your second order.
  • we couldn't find a writer for your assignment. On the off chance that we could not find the right expert for your assignment, we will notify you and initiate 100% refund ourselves. You will not have to report anything in this case.
  • the assignment was delayed or hasn't been sent to you. While this hardly ever happens, we understand that you may no longer need the delayed paper, which is why we are refunding the full cost of your order in this unfortunate case.

70% refund when:

  • the deadline has been delayed by less than 50% of the allocated time. Since we delivered the assignment after all, we will have to compensate the writer. However, we are ready to bear the responsibility for the delay.

50% refund when:

  • the writer cannot, for whatever reason, revise the paper
  • the deadline has been delayed by more than 50% of the allocated time.
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Important note: if you initiate our refund policy, we reserve all proprietary and intellectual rights to the material that has already been sent to you. You are not allowed to use any of that material if you request the money back.

If you send the assignment for revision but are still not satisfied with the end result, only 50% refund applies. Since the writer completed the paper and invested more time into revision, a 100% refund is simply impossible.

Refund is not applicable to:

  • VAT
  • Funds on your credit account
  • instances when the requirements in your initial order form have actually been met
  • instances when the user fails to meet Terms of Use policy
  • discounts and special offers
  • orders that have already been approved by the client (you will have to press ‘approve’ button in your account for that)
  • problem-solving assignments, such as multiple choice tests. Using the answers picked by a writer is automatically considered as client approval. However, if the writer fails the test (gets less than 50% of the correct answers on the final score), the client can apply for a partial refund. You will have to contact our Customer Care - in this case, each refund is revised separately.