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How to Remove Comments in Microsoft Word

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All those who constantly work in Word, like essay writers, have certainly dealt with the trouble of how to remove comments in Microsoft Word 2010. In case you are pondering on how to remove comments in word 2010 or how to remove comments in word 2017, we can ensure you that with some minor differences, the procedures are nearly the same and we will clarify how to cope with such problem as how to remove comments in Word. So if the question "How to edit my paper?" worries you, proceed reading the article.

Stage 1

For all those who experience problems in how to remove comments in word, we can say that you should begin with opening the document of MS Word and choose there the Review tab.

Stage 2

The screenshot reveals that the icon Track Changes is highlighted, which prompts that the feature of the Track Changes is on. It is required to deactivate it prior to deleting any paper editor comments.

Stage 3

You must click on the icon Track Changes to deactivate it. The screenshot informs the icon Track Changes is no longer active.

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Stage 4

It is obligatory to address all of the offered changes before removing editor comments. If you are searching the info on how to use Microsoft Track Changes, you should visit Microsoft Word Track Changes Instructions.

To get rid of the comment after it was addressed, you should position the cursor at the document's beginning and click the icon Next.

Stage 5

Now you are positioned at the first comment. The picture below demonstrates that the first comment is illuminated now. Click the icon Delete to erase the comment that is outlined in red.

Stage 6

Now the screenshot demonstrates that the comment is erased. After this, the cursor is moved automatically to the following comment. It is necessary to repeat the stage 5 if you require removing other comments.

We hope that our guide has clarified all the doubts on how to remove all comments in word and now you know how to act in this situation.

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