Terms & Conditions


Terms of Use

This is the legal agreement document. It regulates the relationship between parties. When a person accesses and uses 10pagepapers.com site, he/she agrees to be bound by the terms of use and he/she enters an agreement with the organization. Additionally, whenever a client uses the service provided in this site, he/she is subject to all specifications or requirements applicable to those offers.


The organization offers services of making products ready as per the specifications of the client. The aim of the organization is to meet the requirements of clients. The client specifies his/her requirement in a form when placing an order. Clients can order services such as proofreading, writing from scratch and others which are explained in the Terms of Use.

The organization does not guarantee any marks and will never be responsible for what a client scores. It is up to the clients to decide whether to trust or not to trust what the organization offers.

More options

Clients get various options when placing their orders. They can pick from but not limited to options such as: personal help, plagiarism report, preferred writer and abstract page.

Registering and placing the orders

  • If you are ordering a service at this site for the 1st time, you must register first. In the registration a customer is supposed to provide his/her private details such as phone number and email address. Giving false details is not allowed. After registering, customers are able to log into their accounts, place orders, check the progress of their orders, edit their private details and contact support representatives.

  • To place an order, clients use an order form available online. A client should describe his/her order correctly and in detail. After placing the order and paying the specified amount, the organization will search for the best writer who will work on that order.

  • Different orders have different prices. Once the customers fill out the order form and click the Place Order button, the cost will be estimated depending on the length, deadline, academic level, kind of work and other options specified by the clients.

Accepting the product

  • Once the product is ready, it will be seen at the personal account panel in preview mode. The product will be sent to the client’s email address upon request. Clients are supposed to keep checking their personal account panel from time to time in order to know the progress of their order.

  • Clients should go through the product and confirm if it meets all their requirements. To get the last version of the product, customers are required to click the Approve button.

  • Clients have two weeks to approve the product they got. After the two weeks, the clients will not be eligible for any refund in case the product has an issue.

  • If a client feels that the product does not meet his/her order specifications, he/she is allowed to request for a revision. The revision instructions must be provided by the client and they must not contradict those provided in the initial order.

  • To enhance the services of the organization, clients might be requested to participate in surveys of product quality assessment, support, competency of the writers and more. The information collected from surveys is not shared with 3rd parties.

Our Services

Our primary service is Copywriting, by which we mean preparing unique text materials based on individual orders.

By text materials we understand unique digital writings on any topic and of any size received from skilled professional writers of our team, the relationships with whom are not regulated by this document.

Text materials shall be tailored to your needs, which we ask to describe in detail as you place an order using a special form on our Website. Our writers shall prepare unique documents for You.

This Website can be viewed by You for free for the purposes of information only. Any other use of this site requires a separate agreement between You and us.

It is possible for us to solve multiple choice tests and various problems for You in case they are uploaded. We shall not, however, do any online tests, in which, for example, You are required to log in to do the task.

Your own text materials are also accepted for proofreading and editing to be checked for any spelling, punctuation, grammar or stylistic errors or plagiarized parts.

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Order Placement

When You decide to place an order on the Website, You can use an online order form. There, You shall accurately fill in certain correct personal information that is required to perform the order. You are strictly prohibited from including false, untrue or misleading information as You place an order. The personal information shall be stored and saved subject to our Privacy Policy.

We can notify You about the most important order placing stages via either email or SMS.

You are encouraged to use certain provided options as you place an order. Please choose any of the following features: Preferred writer, VIP customer service, Abstract page, Plagiarism report, Table of contents/Outline, Sources used and Editor's check.

In the "Preferred writer" field, You can choose between the four options: "Regular writer", "TOP writer", "My previous writer" and "Advanced regular writer". Choosing the first option will not influence the price for your order. By choosing it, You agree that one of our professional writers will work on your order, but You don't have the right to choose, which one of them will actually do it. If You choose "TOP writer", one of our most experienced authors will work on your order. In this case, the basic price of your order, which is calculated on the basis of deadline, number of pages, academic level and type of writing, will increase as stated in Prices section of this Website. If You choose the option "My previous writer", You will have to specify the ID number of your writer. Now this feature is available only for 24 hour deadlines or more, and the price will be increased accordingly to the terms you specify and without taking into account the level of your writer. If your writer is unavailable, we will assign another professional writer to work on your order. You can also choose an "Advanced regular writer" to work on your order. The feature is available for a smaller fee than the TOP Writer, and it will ensure a better result than "Regular writer".

Another special feature that You can choose is "VIP customer service". If You choose it, your messages and requests will be processed in the first place and You will receive SMS notifications in the cases stated above. You are responsible for providing a valid telephone number, as otherwise we will not be able to render this kind of service. The price for this feature is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

If You choose the feature of Plagiarism report, a detailed report on the plagiarism level will be uploaded for You after You approve the case. A plagiarism report will be generated by the reliable system WebCheck. The price for this feature is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

If You want to add an Abstract page to your paper, You should choose our last feature. If You don't do it, You cannot request such a page to be written for You. The price is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

In case you need to see all the materials used in your paper, add a Sources used extra to your order in your control panel. The price for this option is stated in the Prices section of this Website.

If you need a proper table of contents for your paper, choose a Table of contents/Outline extra in your control panel. Find the price in the Prices section of this Website.

You can add an Editor's check extra on the order page in your control panel if you need your paper to be proofread by an expert editor. The Price for this option is available on the Price page of this Website.

As soon as You complete the form, the price for your order will be calculated on the basis of deadline, type of work, academic level and the optional extras You choose. The deadline timer will start counting down only after You perform the payment.

Prices and paying

  • The organization can modify the prices of its services whenever it is necessary to do so. The prices indicated by the organization do not include VAT.

  • Clients must pay for their orders in advance to allow the organization find the appropriate writer to do the work. Clients can cancel their orders provided they have not paid for it. In case a client made an advance payment and the organization failed to assign the order to a writer, the client will get refunded his/her money. At times, a client may need work which the organization does not offer or he/she may want the product to be written in a different manner from his/her initial specifications. In cases like this, the organization will set other payment rates and a customer will have to fill out a special order form.

  • At times, the client might pay twice or pay more than the specified amount. If this happens, the client can save the extra money as a bonus. Bonus money does not have an expiry date and the client can use it any time he/she wants. The bonus money is not subject to refund.

  • The organization might give discounts to royal clients or to client who place big orders. To get a discount, a client is supposed to talk to the support representatives. The discount can only be used before making payment. The discounts cannot be refunded and if a client receives many discounts, they cannot accumulate.

  • The organization allows clients to use various payment options which keep changing from time to time. At the moment, clients can pay using options such as Visa Cards and Master Cards. The organization does not keep credit information and neither will it share it with 3rd parties except banks and other money institutions which offer payment services.


  • The organizations will always provide revision services if the product does not meet the clients’ requirements.

  • Revision can be done as many times as necessary provided the revision specifications do not differ from the specifications provided in the initial order. And if the Quality Assurance finds that all product requirements have been met by the writer, the organization is allowed to reject revision requests. The organization can also reject revision requests if accurate instructions are not provided. Beside the revision requirements, clients are required to specify a reasonable deadline.

  • Once the client approves the product, the button for requesting for a revision will disappear. So, if the client will still need revision, he/she will have to contact the client support team and this must be within seven days after approving the product. If the order is more than twenty pages, the organization will offer revision for free within two weeks after approving the product. If the period specified here is exceeded, clients will get revision services at some extra cost.

Quality evaluation

  • When clients have claims related to things that are not indicated in the Money Back Guarantee, they can edit their order status to Quality Evaluation. This can be done by contacting the support team.

  • For the claim to be satisfied, clients must give good reasons, proof and documents. If they do not provide that, the claim will be annulled and no money will be refunded to them.

  • The quality evaluation process can last for two weeks. Every case is looked into by the head or Quality Assurance and all decisions regarding refunds are taken after proper considerations. The amount refunded is suggested depending on the case.


  • The allowed level of plagiarism in all products of this service is ten percent or less. If the plagiarized percentage is more than that, clients will be entitled for a refund or a revision.

  • The writers use the best plagiarism checking tools. The tools don’t keep information in their databases and they don’t add products to similarity index like other plagiarism checking tools do.

  • The organization doesn’t tolerate plagiarized work and does everything possible to eliminate it. Any employee who plagiarizes customers’ work can loss his/her working contract.

  • Clients can only utilize the product they get from the company for referencing and researching alone. All products used in the clients’ initial work should be cited accordingly. Also, clients must destroy the products once they are through with their researching or referencing.

  • The organizations sticks to copyright regulations and does everything possible to avoid plagiarism or breaking of copyright rules by clients. When the organization suspects that a product is being used illegally, it will decline more orders from the client responsible. Legal action may also be taken against that customer.

The rights of the organization

The organization has a right to refuse orders, block customers’ accounts and suspend order agreements if:

  1. The client fails to comply with the agreement terms.

  2. The client is a fraud suspect or is found to have given false details.

  3. The client talks to the organization using obscene language.

  4. The client transmits or used while on the site or talking to the organization malicious software, files or links which can ruin the site.

  5. The organization suspects the client used the product illegally.

  6. The client goes against the privacy policy.


Should the offers available in this company change or different services get introduced, the organization is allowed to modify or add more terms to the agreement. The organization is also free to modify agreement terms in order to enhance security or as specified by the law. All amendments made to the agreement will be indicated on the site. Clients are supposed to keep checking the site from time to time to see if there are any changes that are supposed to comply with.

Referral scheme

This organization might come up with a referral scheme for its clients. That will be communicated on this site. And once the program is created, clients can get a chance to invite people to place orders at the site and will get discounts.

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