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Types of Essays

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As aspiring college students, high school students or even professionals, we encounter a lot of different types of writing in essay form. Some of these types of writing may feel unfamiliar to us, whereas others are patently obvious and easy to approach, yet, how can we become the best writers? How can we approach all the different types of writing and conquer all genres of writing with ease?

To answer these questions effectively, let us try and understand all types of writing.

  • Persuasive style - one is trying to persuade the audience of their opinion, backing it up.
  • Descriptive style - using descriptive language to describe something to the audience.
  • Expository style - attempting to inform the reader of something, explaining it to them.
  • Narrative style - very common throughout novels. Attempting to tell a story towards an audience.

These styles are important to understanding, and they will form the base of essays. But what is an essay?

Whatever situation we're in, whether we are still studying at college or working professionally, we will always have to write essays in some form or types of writing. You may be familiar with different types of college essays, or maybe types of expository essays, however, to perfect the way you write you should be able to look at the definition and understand all the types of essay out there. So, what is an essay and how can we define it?

Essay definition: "a piece of writing on a particular subject or topic."

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Now that we have mastered the essay definition, we can begin looking at all the examples of an essay to perfect our writing craft.

Types of essays

It's great that we looked at how to define essay writing, so now we can familiarize ourselves with all the different types of essays that exist. To perfect one's craft, one needs to know about the broad essay categories.

Types of essays: argumentative essays

Forming an argument and writing different types of argumentative essays is an essential skill. If you're thinking of writing one of these, the most important thing is that you research your topic thoroughly and mention a well-rounded and unbiased view - after this, one can hone in on their argument. The types of argumentative essays that never work are those that have an obnoxious one-sided view with no consideration of other points, so avoid this at all costs. Here are some of the most popular argumentative essay topics:

  1. People need to increase the age of consent in society.
  2. Creationism should be and from schools.
  3. All actors are overpaid.
  4. Being bored often leads to trouble in adolescence.
  5. Peer pressure is the cause of smoking in most cases.

Expository essays

It is often difficult to write an expository essay, otherwise known as the how-to essay type because the idea can often be misunderstood. Whatever types of expository essays you are thinking of writing, there is no room for personal opinion and one should always rely on evidence and facts to explain that how to process. It can be difficult to come up with topic ideas, so take note of some of the following types of expository essays that you could write:

  1. A how-to essay: writing about how one can achieve the task.
  2. Step-by-step essay: Writing for step by step guides to a process.
  3. An analysis essay: The analysis of certain objects, ideas, events et cetera.
  4. Descriptive essay: Writing that aims to describe particular ideas or events.
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Classification essays

More often than not, one is wondering about the classification essay - what is this type of essay and how can it be written? One needs to divide and categorize ideas that serve as a basis for classifying. After this, a writer can produce a classification essay. These types of essays are important to organize effectively so that one can categorize things properly. Take note of some of the following things one could write about:

  1. Different political management options and their effectiveness.
  2. Different UN decisions and their political significances.
  3. The most popular ways to reduce stress and their effect on society.

College essays

With all the different genres of writing, styles of writing and course types, what can be said about college essays in general? It is true that there are many types of writing styles that vary between courses, however, all types of college essays are of a certain standard and have things in common. Take note of some of the following when you're writing your college essay:

  • Write as if you are a mature college student.
  • Approach planning in a professional manner.
  • Refer to trusted and reputable sources when making arguments.
  • Make sure that your thesis statement is on point.
  • Use a good command to make your writing to a high standard.

Types of hooks for essays

Often when writing essays, one is wondering if their essay is a little mundane to start. With all the different types of essays, how can attention be grabbed at the very beginning? Fortunately, there are types of hooks for essays on whatever subject you are writing about that can serve this purpose. Take note of these types of hooks for essays and try and incorporate them at the very beginning - you'll see how much more engaging your essay will sound.

  • Give a joke that can engage with your subject matter.
  • Talk about an incident that creates drama around the subject.
  • Describe the setting of your essay using engaging emotive vocabulary.
  • Present your paper discovery in a shocking way.
  • Provide some sort of interesting facts about the subject.

Good essay topics - general examples

Often we sit down to write an essay but even though we know about all the essay types that exist, we can frequently struggle to come up with good essay topics. This is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact, even a lot of college professors may struggle with this, and so if you're unsure, perhaps, these topics can point you in the right direction:

  • About ethics, e.g. "How can one make a distinction between censorship and security regulations?"
  • About the law, e.g. "What are the implications of changing the law after Brexit?"
  • Controversial, e.g. "The use of the death penalty and the controversy."
  • About current affairs, e.g. "The controversy in the Tennis Association's Davis cup."
  • About society, e.g. "Addressing transgender rights issues in society."

Types of essays - conclusion

There are so many different types of essays to write and a lot of types of writing styles to master, so we hope that you have become more familiar with the essay writing craft. Even if you won't be engaging in all of the types of writing mentioned, you'll be in their letter position to come up with good essay topics and improve your writing in general.

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