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How To Write A Demonstration Speech

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Facing a new assignment you don't know how to complete could be a bit intimidating. Moreover, not all assignments are actually easy to complete - some require a specific approach and a knowledge of certain details to ace them.

This is especially true when it comes to writing a demonstration speech. But before we get to the writing process itself and offer you some demonstration speech ideas for college students, let's define what exactly is a demonstration speech.

What is a demonstration speech?

A demonstration speech requires you to explain some process or task to the audience so the audience would understand it clearly. In order to achieve that, you need to research some demonstration speech ideas, pick the right topic, the right words, and make sure your speech will fit into a given time limit.

But there are also some other important thing to keep in mind while writing a demonstration speech.

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How to write a demonstration speech?

Every writing assignment begins with research. The same goes for a demonstration speech: before you even move on to the writing process itself, you need to find out what you're going to write about.

Start with researching some good demonstration speech ideas. Maybe you want to (or assigned to) write about a specific topic - in that case, you could search for some demonstration speech ideas with food, for example. Once you find some, pick the ones you're the most familiar with and possibly the most passionate about. If you know the topic well and really like it, it would be easier for you to make your presentation more effective.

If you struggle with finding the right and easy demonstration speech ideas, don't worry - we have some examples for you below.

After you finally pick a topic, start thinking about your audience. Ask yourself, who are they, how familiar they might be with the topic, what is their level of knowledge on the topic, and so on. If they know the subject well enough, you can use more specific and industry-related terms in your speech. But if they don't, you need to make your speech as simple and basic as possible.

Also, keep in mind that you might be limited by time. Sometimes you can afford to talk for half an hour and sometimes you don't have that luxury. Always make sure that you'll be able to deliver your speech and look for 5-minute demonstration speech ideas if you're short on time.

Feel a bit more prepared? Then check out these demonstration speech topic ideas, come up with your own ones - and start writing.

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100 demonstration speech topic ideas for students


  1. How to tie a necktie
  2. How to organize your closet
  3. How to clean shoes
  4. How to coordinate clothes for any occasion
  5. How to roll clothes to pack a suitcase
  6. How to alter your own clothes
  7. How to wear a pocket watch in different ways
  8. How to tie a scarf in different ways
  9. How to iron a shirt
  10. How to accessorize a white dress

Games and entertainment

  1. How to play chess
  2. How to perform a magic trick
  3. How to perform a card trick
  4. How to plan a party
  5. How to play board games
  6. How to decorate for a party
  7. How to buy games on Steam
  8. How to make your own Halloween mask
  9. How to entertain your guests
  10. How to plan a home movie night


  1. How to use a cell phone
  2. How to choose a digital camera
  3. How to text a message
  4. How to set-up an email account
  5. How to install a car stereo
  6. How to build an online business
  7. How to make a YouTube video
  8. How to upload a YouTube video
  9. How to edit photos on Instagram
  10. How to build a website

Be prepared

  1. How to make an emergency kit
  2. How to plan a home fire escape
  3. How to splint a broken leg
  4. How to defend yourself against an attacker
  5. How to handle a gun
  6. How to help someone who has an epileptic fit
  7. How to get out of the burning building
  8. How to use a compass
  9. How to survive in the wilderness
  10. How to avoid ID theft


  1. How to be a vegetarian
  2. How to detox
  3. How to bake chocolate cookies
  4. How to count calories
  5. How to do meal planning
  6. How to read labels
  7. How to create a menu
  8. How to eat when you're working out regularly
  9. How to bake a cake
  10. How to make a smoothie

Crafts and hobbies

  1. How to draw a house
  2. How to read music
  3. How to waltz
  4. How to knit a scarf
  5. How to apply face paint
  6. How to arrange flowers
  7. How to play the guitar
  8. How to make your own jewelry
  9. How to scrapbook
  10. How to make your own greeting cards

Money and frugal living

  1. How to repay a student loan
  2. How to budget
  3. How to save money
  4. How to save for your retirement
  5. How to use a credit card wisely
  6. How to do grocery shopping
  7. How to budget for a trip
  8. How to use cashback
  9. How to start your own business
  10. How to learn how to manage your finances


  1. How to choose a college
  2. How to study online
  3. How to learn a foreign language
  4. How to learn speed reading
  5. How to ace your exams
  6. How to write a college paper
  7. How to write a persuasive speech outline
  8. How to enroll in an online course
  9. How to research
  10. How to read a poem

Green living

  1. How to recycle
  2. How to save water at home
  3. How to build green
  4. How to reduce waste
  5. How to grow your own garden
  6. How to save energy at home
  7. How to sort plastic
  8. How to donate clothes
  9. How to save gasoline
  10. How to create green fertilizers

Work and business

  1. How to write a resume
  2. How to ace a job interview
  3. How to work from home
  4. How to turn your hobby into a business
  5. How to write a business email
  6. How to manage a project
  7. How to create a PowerPoint presentation
  8. How to complete an online skill test
  9. How to turn yourself into a brand
  10. How to create a business plan

One of the best things about the demonstration speech is that once you understand the rules and find the right topic, you'll realize that it's actually not very hard to write. Moreover, unlike persuasive speech topics that could be very complex, the ones for demonstrative speech are generally more basic and easy. The important thing here is to pick a topic that would be really interesting to your audience - and to do your best to deliver it clearly. If you do that, you'll definitely get a good grade!

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